Johnnie Walker Limited Edition Willow Bottle M.E.

The Johnnie Walker Limited Edition Willow Bottle 
~ Middle East Edition ~
One Bottle, Four Sides. Illustration etched in dark blue underglaze.
The brief for the Willow Bottle was to depict the journey of the Johnnie Walker brand from Scotland to the Persian Gulf in the Middle East. To do so, I incorporated elements from Lebanon, Dubai, Egypt, Jordan, and Qatar. From traditional Lebanese houses to the pillars of Baalbak, ending with the Petra treasury, palm trees, and Burj Khalifa. 

Written on the back of the bottle's box:

Rana Zaher's illustration of the eclectic Middle East depicts waves of Arabic Script, bridging lands of pioneering architecture, historic wonders, and rustic beginnings.
The striding man, in a patterned jacket, is welcomed into a majestic world of sphinxes, sacred falcons, and Arabian oryx nestled within a humble panoramic of cedar trees and dhow boats. 
Such is the pioneering spirit of Johnnie Walker.
Keep Walking.
Full unbroken spread of the illustration, which was created March-June 2016
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