I was born in Sidon —a small coastal city south of Lebanon — in 1989. 
As far as can remember, I always had a passion for drawing, and have been illustrating almost all my life.

In 2007 I pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic design at the American University of Beirut, and after graduating in 2011, I quickly got accepted into working at an art and design gallery in Beirut. Five years later, I have become the Coordinator of the same establishment: Joy Mardini Design Gallery.
in 2014, I decided to continue my education — part-time — through a Graduate Program in Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology at AUB, and will graduate in 2018.

Based in Beirut, I have been freelancing in Illustration for individuals and companies since 2008, and continue to do so, while also relentlessly working on personal projects and themes.
My work is mostly inspired by cultural and archaeological material from the Near East, and is a means for me to help better understand and propagate Middle Eastern Culture, while also bringing it closer to a more globalized, digital, and internet-based age.