"A Game of Corruption" is an exciting board game that is powered by deception, bluff, strategy and negotiation. It is loosely based on the political structure of modern day Lebanon.

Collaborating as art director and illustrator allowed me to delve into things I have always been passionate about, including fantasy cartography, world building, and character design. 
a mock set-up of the game, including its many elements
front view of the box top
Throughout our long and arduous process of creating the board game, some of my tasks included designing the game's logo and action cards, creating the main board map, conceptualizing the background stories of the characters and designing/illustrating each, and visualizing the game's box and annexes. It was one hell of a list which I was more than excited to take on.  
main board map
the collection of character cards
After many months of work, A Game of Corruption is now available for purchase, you can find it here !
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