Ishtar on her Lion
Series: Pages from the Lost Book of Fixed Stars
€ 80
50 x 70 cm
Digital Print on Hahnemüle Photo Rag
Limited to 100 Prints + 2 Artist Prints
Prints will arrive with a certificate of Authenticity, signed and sealed

About "Pages from the Lost Book of Fixed Stars"
This series started out with a thought. A thought about systematic detachment between pre and post-Islamic cultures in the Ancient Near East, especially in academia. This series is inspired by two concepts that belong to either one of these ‘severed’ periods. The first is obviously based on Mesopotamian divinities and mythologies. The second by an astounding and obscure Islamic-era manuscript titled :”The Book of Fixed Stars” (Kitāb al-Kawākeb al-Thābita). Drawing inspiration from the composition of the various heavenly constellations presented in The Book of Fixed Stars, I implemented the concept instead to represent imaginary constellations symbolized by Mesopotamian mythologies. Astronomy, indeed, was a science largely practiced by both cultures. My Lost Book of Fixed Stars is exactly what it is: lost. Its pages are slowly being discovered, one by one.
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