A quick teaser project I did for PlayStation Arabia for the release of God of War, Ragnarok.
The illustration was shared on PlayStation Arabia's instagram page and stories throughout the release campaign.

I was first mainly inspired to look into traditional and ancient Norse art, designs and culture, not to mention looking through some visuals from the game itself. I ended up creating an ancient-looking map that depicts each realm as a separate branch of the game’s ’World Tree’, based from the game’s own examples. 

I also wanted this map to look like it came straight out of GoW’s reality, and so had to include many of each realm’s elements. At the same time, I had to predict how some of these elements might look like on a map drawn by ‘someone from the GoW world’. 
Fitting each realm’s unique landscapes, architecture and unique identities into Instagram’s tiny grid boxes was the most challenging factor of this project. Overall it was a balance of including small details with having the overall feel of each realm highly present in each grid box. Also, I wanted the tree map to function as one element, as well as having each of the 9 realms visually function independently from one another. 
This was truly a challenging and exciting task that shook me away from my comfort zone, yet at the same time allowed me to create a visual that (hopefully!) well-represents 9 realms of the GoW anthology. 

Thank you for viewing this project!
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